TO KEEP YOUR RAFFLE SAFE Raffle Tickets are consecutively numbered on 2 ends.Random cut perforation.Fluorescent security imprint on back.Unique Order Number printed on ticket and stub

Standard Raffle Ticket Production Times: Loose tickets under 10,000: 3 business days (+ shipping) Loose tickets over 10,000: 5-7 business days (+ shipping) Booked tickets under 10,000 .

200/pack. 24-lb Bond 67-lb Card.

Large White Raffle Tickets are easier to Read in Low Light!

2-1/8" x 5-1/2" - Regular Size - 1 Stub. Printable tickets with tear-away stubs help with event preparation. These tickets are made of 50# cover stock, and each ticket is 2-1/8" x 5-1/2", with a 1-7/8" Stub.

See 4 best images of free printable raffle ticket templates. Connect the winning ticket with the winner!

Create your own raffle tickets with this accessible template designed to work with Avery 8371 perforated paper.

While for those who want their raffle tickets to include a stub portion, they may follow bigger dimensions measuring 1.97 inches by 5.63 inches.

Create your basic numbered raffle ticket template .

Free Printable Raffle Tickets With Stubs Free Download Aashe Source:

Whether you're organizing a concert, holding a raffle, or booking transportation, our free PDF Ticket Templates automatically generate tickets for your customers to present on the day. This item ships free to the US.

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No extra cutting required.

Processed in 1-2 business days (+ shipping time). I much prefer the CS3 method. Some people are cautious about . Free Printable Raffle Tickets With Stubs Free Printable Source: The best part is you can still customize them to your liking. These B&W tickets are great for any fundraiser raffle or event with room for logos, photos and event information.

Our budget tickets print on a white or color medium weight Index stock and include a perforated stub with consecutive numbering. 10-up, one stub.

How do I make Avery tickets with tear-away stubs? Go to Avery Design & Print and start your project by entering the product number for printable Avery Tickets with Tear-Away Stubs (product #16154). current price $82.94.

For this example, we are going to make 900 tickets.

In the example, 48/50 times 47/49 equals 0.

10,000 sheets x 20 tickets per . Fill out the information for your event, create the number sequence you prefer, change the colors and print. Urology Exam Procedure. All options include an immediate online proof before you pay and free shipping. 10,000 sheets, numbered 25,001 - 35,000.

Auction Tickets: Stock and Custom options available in multiple stock colors and designs.

Unnumbered Raffle Tickets (3) Numbered Raffle Tickets (8) Blue Finished Pieces Printer Compatibility Number Up 4-up SKU#: TKG10X9WH

Select a format for your ticketsstub on the left, stub on the right or stub on top.


You'll reach your goal in no time! Football Team Raffle. Each sheet has 20 matching perforated numbers (1.25 w x .7 tall) 90# index card stock.

Custom Printed Numbered Raffle Tickets with Perforated Stub for Fundraisers, Benefits, and any Event $36.00+ Low in stock Quantity Primary color Add your personalization See item description for details 1000 Hooray! Starting at just $4.28/roll. These stubs cannot be used, and new stubs must be written. Welcome to Raffles for Less Attractive Raffle Tickets Professionally Printed Available in 5 Sizes 20 Paper Color Choices Consecutively Numbered Perforated for easy separation Optional Stapling/Gluing into books FREE SHIPPING RafflesForLess offers attractive, quality, custom printed raffle tickets for fundraising purposes.

30 Templates.

Fill out the information for your event, .

Select the cell, and then move your cursor to the bottom right corner of the cell. You can then print out . (b) Tickets for use in a raffle must have a stub or other detachable section, be consecutively numbered and be accounted for separately through the use of a log book showing to whom the tickets were given to be sold. Try making your own raffle tickets with our free tool and sell them at your football games at the concession stand. Stub definition is - stump.

one stub.

There are different types of calendars to celebrate a specia.


orange ticket roll with two tickets torn off - numbered raffle tickets stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. .

To request more .

Step Eight: Hold the Drawing.

(b) Tickets for use in a raffle must have a stub or other detachable section, be consecutively numbered and be accounted for separately through the use of a log book showing to whom the tickets were given to be sold.

You can then print out .

There are different types of calendars to celebrate a specia. This method of raising cash has been employed by many people especially groups which .

These numbered raffle tickets are laser micro perforated between each ticket and each stub, with numbers on both the stub and the ticket. Ready to share your raffle in just minutes!

We are going to use Microsoft Excel to create our automated numbering system. Perforated Ticket Card Stock. (13) If any raffle tickets are sold but the ticket stubs are turned into the licensee too late to be placed in the pool of ticket stubs, then the purchaser shall be issued a refund. Select the "Add Special Services - Description (See Below)" section tell us you want 4 random numbers per ticket (000-999) In the "Amount" box enter: 25 (NO "$" sign)- Your cost for the tickets will be $59.95.

Raffle tickets custom printed: 500 for $40, 1000 for $45, 5000 for $165. Download link for this wonderful Raffle Ticket Template. We can provide specific numbers, but specific numbers may require 5-7 days to produce.

I came across this website that explained how to do it using Microsoft's "Raffle

2-1/8" x 5-1/2" - Regular Size - 1 Stub. $82.94. A person may not be required to obtain more than one ticket, or to pay for anything other than the ticket, to enter a raffle.

Our raffle roll tickets are affordable, durable, and easy to use.

Minimum number of sheets may apply. 8 reviews Reviews for this item 6 Reviews for this shop 8 Sort by: Recommended .

You can then print out . Consecutively numbered.

This step by step tutorial walks you through created numbered raffle tickets using nothing but MS Excel and MS Word. This is, in part, the use of the 200 or so extra tickets.

The ticket body area is a blank raffle ticket template with just the ticket number.

If you need a custom printed raffle ticket on a roll, we have that option available to order online as well.

Order by 2 pm EST for same-day shipping. Regular price. You will receive 20 packages, each with 500 sheets.

Ticket Dimensions: 1.75" x 5.5".

Why pay for stapling? Tickets are available in - 5 sizes, 4 different cover stocks, standard and custom numbering, custom stubs and set stapling. Will your printer print on card stock? At Raffle Tickets, you're free to customise the artwork and the style of your raffle tickets to match your event's aesthetics and branding.

DO NOT STOP THE AUCTION TO DO THIS RAFFLE. Printable Numbered Raffle Tickets Pdf Raffle Ticket Source:

White Pink.

Let's look at some of the most commonly asked question regarding these tickets: . Want to know more about raffle tickets? Learn how to easily create as many numb.

(12) Only 1 ticket stub shall be drawn at a time.

40 Free Editable Raffle Movie Ticket Templates Numbered Raffle Ticket Source:

Search: Raffle Ticket Generator.

STANDARD TICKETS WITH NUMBERS AND PERFORATED STUB single ink color only Tickets with Numbers and Perforated Stub.


Unit price / per.

When it comes time to buy new helmets, padding, or any other kind of equipment for your football team, raffles are a great way of raising the necessary funds.

3) Order 250 tickets with 4 numbers on each ticket: Select 250 tickets in the drop down.

Each ticket has a unique ticket number on its larger half and a perforated ticket stub. (14) Charity game tickets may be sold at a large raffle as prescribed by . Order raffle tickets on a roll for raffles or drawings. 200,000 individual tickets.

Add your logos, photos and event information with free raffle ticket templates available.

Sheet size appx 3.5 x 5.

Once you buy the software or select a free template you'll be ready to print your raffle tickets.

Blank tickets make it easy to upload your own totally complete design and it will look . I've also included a raffle ticket sheet without numbers, which you can fill in in case you need additional . 97, which comes with a detachable stub measuring 1 Just choose your desired airline, then How much to charge for raffle tickets We have all been out shopping and encountered an organization asking for a donation or holding a drawing Raffle Network collaborates with Stripe Payment Systems to make sure of a safe secure online transaction Raffle Network . The micro-perforations make for easy finishing - you simply print and pull apart. All of our standard layouts are micro-perforated, ensuring that individual sections separate easily and look professional. Stock Raffle Roll Tickets: 2"x2" roll tickets, 5 styles, multiple stock colors, back printing included at no extra charge.


Ten, 5.5" x 1.7" one stub tickets.

Regular Tickets - Black Ink 8 Styles Available Regular Tickets - Full Color 6 Styles Available Raffle tickets are drawn at random from a bag containing 300 raffle tickets numbered 001 to 300 Not only are conventionally and organically grown fruits and vegetables safe and nutritious, Americans should be consuming more of these, not less, if they hope to reduce their risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity For example0-$50 gets 1 ticket $51-99 gets . Delivered in 1-2 days.

1-Hour pick up.

It includes a geometric design in any color you choose with black custom printing and your desired starting number. Once you've . Auction Tickets 10,000 sheets numbered 25,001-35,000 - just $349.

These are printed on pre-numbered, pre-perforated stock on a digital press. ie, if you order 1000 strips of 6 you will get 6000 entries.

Our economy tickets print on a white or color medium weight vellum cardstock and include a perforated stub with consecutive numbering. Choose from a variety of paper colors, stocks and finishes that all easily run.